Prophecy BSPlayer Skin

Prophecy BSPlayer Skin 2.2

Give BSPlayer a cool new look


  • Looks slick
  • Easier access to full screen mode


  • No way to tweak it a little


One of my favorite media players, apart from VLCPlayer, is definitely BSPlayer because it's pretty lightweight, works wonders with subtitles and looks as good as you want it to.

And according to the developer website, this Prophecy BSPlayer Skin is the most popular out there by a mile with more than 25,000 downloads and you can see why: it's slick, modern and just looks really cool. Obviously, it doesn't affect the functionality of BSPlayer in any way although it has a much more accessible control module to switch to full screen mode.

To install BSPlayer Skin Prophecy, just double click on the download file and it automatically installs it into BSPlayer so you need do no further browsing.

Slick and fresh looking, Prophecy BSPlayer Skin ins understandably the most popular skin for BSPlayer out there.

Prophecy BSPlayer Skin


Prophecy BSPlayer Skin 2.2

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